Mens Fashion with letter V

Terminology on mens fashion starting with letter "V". Click on a word from the list below that interests you to read the entire story. Did we miss something? Then contact us and tell us what should be added or needs updating. With your help we will create a complete Fashion Dictionary For Men.


Velveteen is a cotton fabric with a short pile that looks like velvet. To read more on this fabric please click the link.


Versace is an Italian fashion label founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. To learn more about this exclusive designer please click the link on the left.


Velcro is a trademarked brand name for a quick-and-easy fastener that was invented by Swiss inventory George de Mestral. To read more on Velcro please click this link.


Vents are vertical slits on the back of a suit jacket. To read more on the different styles of vents used on mens suits, please click this link.
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