Mens Fashion with letter T

Below is a list of jargon related to fashion, style, dress codes, textiles, and more - all starting with the letter "T". It is our goal to keep adding to this Encyclopedia on a regular basis. Would you like to help? Then send us an e-mail and either tell us what should be added, or help us write. Your help is appreciated.

Trench Coat 

The Trench Coat is a waterproof coat that was first created for British Soldiers at the beginning of the 20th century. To read more on the style and history of the Trench Coat please click the link.


The tailcoat is a type of formal dinner jacket that has a longish swallow bird like tail. To read more about the tailcoat jacket please click this link.


Twill is one of the most common type of fabric weaves. To read more on twill and the use of this fabric in fashion, please click this link


The term turtleneck refers to a high rise collar style found on sweaters, shirts, and even coats in both men's and women's fashion. To read the entire story of the turtleneck please click this link.


The turban is a head-wrap usually known for the middle east. TO read more on the turban please click this link.


Thinsulate is the trademarked name for an insulating man-made fabric developed by the 3M Corporation. To read more on this fabric and its uses please click this link.


Tweed is a type of fabric weave that is traditionally made from wool - although other natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and even flax are occasionally chosen as well. To read more on tweed please click this link.

Tartan Check 

Tartan-check is a pattern that is very similar to plaid and the so-called window-pane check pattern. To learn more about tartan check and to see an image of this pattern, please click here.

Top Hat 

The top hat is a tallish chimney-style hat with a flat crown. To read the entire story of the top hat, and to see a picture, please click here.

Turnbull Asser 

Turnbull and Asser is a famous British clothier that is best known for their high bespoke dress shirt tailoring. To read more please click this link.

Tie Bar 

The tie bar serves both a decorative and functional purpose. The tie bar is a piece of metal the secures the necktie to the dress shirt. To read more and for pictures please click on the link.


The most popular use for Terrycloth fabric are towels, bathrobes, and sweatbands. To read more about how terrycloth is made, please click this link.

Thai Silk 

Thai silk is a handwoven silk fabric that comes out of North-east part of Thailand. To read more on Thai silk please click this link.

Tangzhuang Jacket 

The tangzhuang is a formal jacket from China. It closely resembles the Mao Suit but is usually made in brighter colors. To read more please click this link:


The tunic is a traditional Greek type of simple overcoat. For more information and pictures of the tunic please click here.

Tie Pin 

The tie pin is a decorative, jewelry like clothing item that was traditionally used to secure the necktie to the dress shirt. For more info and for pictures please click here.

Tie Chain 

A tie chain is used to keep a necktie from dangling too much. It secures the necktie to the dress shirt. For more information please click this link.
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