Mens Fashion with letter S

Terminology on fashion and style starting with the letter "S". Click on a term below to read the entire definiton, to find out interesting information, and to see example pictures. Did we miss something that needs to be added? Then tell us what is missing and we will add it after having done our research. Your input is appreciated and it will help to create a complete Dictionary on Mens Fashion.


Suspenders are straps that are worn over the shoulders to hold up pants in place of a belt. To read the full story and history behind suspenders please click the link.


Starch is commonly used laundry addition that gives dress shirts a nice, crisp look. To read more on where laundry starch comes from and how to use it please click the link.


Seersucker is an all cotton fabric that commonly has a fine striped or checkered pattern. To read more on the origin an the use of Seersucker in mens fashion please click the link.


Satin is a fabric with high shine and soft feel. To read more on satin and what it is used for please click this link.


Suede is a leather that has been brushed to create a napped finish. To read more on suede and it's uses please click this link.

Shell Cordovan 

Shell Cordovan how it is made and what it is used for. Read everything on shell cordovan.

Screen Printing 

Screen printing is a method used to imprint intricate designs and patterns onto a fabric. To read more on screen printing please click this link.

Savile Row 

Savile Row is the name of a street located in central London. It if famous for high end tailors. To read more on Savile Row please click this link.

Straw Hat 

Straw hats come in a wide range of styles and shapes. To read more on one of the oldest hat materials please click this link.

Single Breasted 

The term single-breasted refers to the way a jacket or coat is buttoned. To read more and to see pictures of a single breasted jacket cut, please click this link.

Shoulder Pads 

Click this link to read the entire story of shoulder pads in the fashion world.


The sombrero hat is a large sized Spanish and/or Mexican style hat designed to protect the face from the sun. To read the entire story of the Sombrero please click this link.


Silk is a delicate natural fiber that has been harvested from silk worms for thousands of years. To read more on silk, please click this link.

Salvatore Ferragamo 

Ferragamo is an Italian fashion house that is most known for their leather goods, such as shoes, briefcases and wallets. To read more about this designer please click this link.

Sea Silk 

Learn about rare sea silk. What is sea silk, how is it made, and what is it used for. For more info please click:

Smock Frock 

The smock frock is a long coat like clothing item that originated in the 18th century. To read more about this type of garment please click:


The sporran is the name of the "man's purse" worn in combination with a kilt. To read more about this traditional Scottish clothing accessory please click this link:

Shirt Placket 

The placket on the dress shirt is the strip of fabric used to secure the front buttons. For more info please click this link

Semi Formal Attire 

Learn about semi formal attire for men. Lear how you should dress for an invitation calling for a semi formal ensemble.

Seven Fold Ties 

When experts talk about a seven fold tie then they are referring to a very particular manufacturing process that requires much more silk fabric. For more information click this link.

Smoking Jacket 

The smoking jacket is a short length jacket with a shawl collar that was intended as a protective garment while smoking tobacco. Please click the link to read more...

Safari Suit 

A beige colored suit designed for outdoor African Safaris. For more information on the Safari Suit please click this link:


A cardigan-like sweater type. For more information on the Shrug please click here:

Spencer Coat 

A short jacket or coat that is originally derived from the mens tailcoat jacket. For more info please click here:


A brimless hat that is part of Orthodox Christian clothing. Fore more information on the Skufia please click here:

Skinny Ties 

The skinny necktie is a tie that is usually 1.5 - 2.5 inches in width. For more information please click here:
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