Mens Fashion with letter R

Mens Fashion A-Z - a dictionary on mens fashion. Below is a list of industry jargon all starting with the letter "R". Click in a word from the list below to read the full description and to see example images. Not findind what you are looking for? Then send us and e-mail and make a suggestion on a term that should be added. Your feeback will help create a complete Dictionary on Mens Fashion.

Regimental Ties 

Regimental neckties date back to the late 19th century in England. To read more on regimental ties, please click the link on the left.


Ramie, also known as China Grass, is a plant used in the textile industry. It is similar to flax but has greater strength and slightly more coarse feel. To read more on Ramie and its use in fashion and fabrics please click the link.

Ralph Lauren 

Ralph Lauren is one of America's most well known fashion designers and labels. To read the entire story on Ralph Lauren and the brand's influence on mens fashion please click this link.


Ready-to-Wear in the fashion world means that a clothing item is mass-produced in a wide range of size. To read more please click this link.


Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber that closely resembles the look and feel of natural silk. To read more on rayon and its uses in the textile and fashion industry please click this link.

Ruff Collar 

A ruff collar is a large circular, pleated collar style that originated in the 16th century. To read more about the ruff collar and to see a picture please click on the link.

Riding Boots 

The riding boot is a boot style designed for horseback riding. For more information about the different styles of riding boots, please click here:
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