Mens Fashion with letter O

A list of mens fashion terminology starting with the letter "O". Below you will find a list of fashion specific jargon, brand name designers, dress code etiquette, and more. Want to help us add more information? Then contact us, and either tell us about what should be added, or help us write about a specific term.

Oxford Bags 

Oxford Bags are a baggy type of trousers that originated in England in the 1920s. To read more about this unique style of pants please click the link.

Oxford Shoe 

The term oxford shoe refers to a traditional dress shoe style. To read more about the Oxford shoe please click this link.


Olefin is a synthetic fiber with very insulating properties. To read more on Olefin and its uses in textiles and clothing, pleas click this link.

Oxford Cloth 

Oxford cloth is a fine basketweave-pattern fabric that is commonly used on men's dress shirts. To read more and to see a sample picture please click this link.


The Opanak is a type of shoes that is a traditional footwear from Bulgaria and Croatia. To read more about the Opanak and to see pictures please click this link.
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