Mens Fashion with letter N

Terminology on mens fahion, styles, dress code, fabrics, patterns, designers, and more - all starting with the letter "N". Click on the word from the list below to read the entire store as well as to see example pictures. Would you like to help complete this Mens Fashion Dictionary? Then contact us, and either tell us what should be added or even help us write. With your help it will be easy to create a complete Encyclopedia on Mens Fashion and Style.

Nubuck Leather 

Nubuck is top-grain cattle leather that has been buffed to give it a slight nap. It is similar in look to suede. To learn more about this unique type of leather please click the link on the left.

Nina Ricci 

Nina Ricci is a high-end french fashion house founded by Maria Ricci and her son Robert in 1932. The brand is most known for women's dresses and perfumes. To read more about this designer please click the link.


Nylon is one of the oldest synthetic man-made fibers that are still in common use today. To read more on nylon and its applications in fashion and textiles, please click here.

Nino Cerutti 

Nino Cerruti is an Italian fashion designer that is most known for their elegant Italian suits. To read more on Curruti and to find out about the company's history, please click this link.

Nehru Jacket 

The Nehru jacket is a jacket style that originated in the 1940s in India. To read more about the Nehru jacket and it's influence in Western fashion please click this link.

Norfolk Jacket 

The Norfolk Jacket is a short overcoat that was originally designed as a hunting jacket. For more info on this mens jacket style please click this link.


The neckerchief is a decorative piece of neckwear typically associated with boy scouts and sailors. For more information please read:
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