Mens Fashion with letter K

Below is a list with terminology from the mens fashion industry starting with the letter "K". At it is our goal to have a complete Fashion Encyclopedia by the end of 2009. Would you like to add to our Mens Fashion A-Z? Then contact us and tell us what should be added and/or what you would like to write about. Your input will be appreciated.

Karl Lagerfeld 

Karl Lagerfeld is a 20th century icon in fashion design. The German born designer is most known for his work at French fashion house Chanel. To read more about Lagerfeld please click on the link.


Kenzo is a luxury fashion house founded by Takada Kenzo in the mid 1960s. To learn more about this brand and the influence on mens fashion, please click the link.


The kilt is a Sottish mens skirt commonly made from a pleated plaid pattern fabric. To read the entire history of the kilt, please click this link.


Kiton is a high-end Italian clothing brand initially was known as an exclusive men's suit tailor. TO read the entire story about this brand label please click this link.


The term Kahki describes both, a brownish tan colored as well as a fabric. The word Khakis is also used to describe tan colored linen or cotton trousers.


Knickerbockers are are slightly baggy, three-quarter length trouser style that was most popular during the beginning of the 20th century. To read more and to see a picture please click here.

Kenneth Cole 

Kenneth Cole is an American fashion designer that started out as a shoe-maker/designer in 1982. To read more about this clothing brand, please click this link.


The Kolpik is a type of hat traditionally worn by Hasedic rabbis. For more information on the Kolpik please click this link.


The kittel is a simple, usually white, overcoat worn by members of the Jewish faith. For more information and pictures of the kittel please click here.


A religious clothing item found by Easter Orthodox Christians. For more information and pictures please click here:
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