Mens Fashion with letter J

Terminology and jargon related to Mens Fashion - all starting with the letter "J". To read the complete definition simply click on the word. Would you like to contribute to our Mens Fashion Encyclopedia? Then please send us an e-mail. Your input is appreciated by us and other readers.

Jacquard Loom 

The Jacquard loom was invented by Frenchman Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801. The invention of this type of loom gave weavers a much greater choice in creating textile patterns. To read more please click the link on the left.


JOOP! is a German fashion house founded by Wolfgang Joop in the early 1970s. To read more about this brand label, please click this link.


Jeans are a type pf pant made from denim fabric. To read the entire history as well as interesting trivia on Jeans, please click this link.

Jhane Barnes 

Jhane Barnes is well known American mens fashion designer. To read the entire story about this designer please click this link.


Jute is, next to cotton, the second most commonly used natural fiber. To read more on jute and its uses, please click this link.


The Jutti is a formal slip-on type of shoe worn in India. To read more about the Jutti please click here:

Jewish Hat 

The Jewish Hat is a type of traditional Jewish headwear. For a full description and pictures please click this link.
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