Mens Fashion with letter I

Fashion specific terminology all starting with the letter "I". Click on the word(s) from the list below to read the full description and to see sample pictures. Would you like to help us complete this Encyclopedia on Mens Fashion? Then contact us. We look forward to suggestions, contributions, and your feedback.

Irish Linen 

As one would expect, Irish Linen is a fabric made from flax that has been woven in Ireland. To read more about this fabric, and to learn what qualifies as genuine Irish linen, please click the link on the left.

Ike Behar 

Ike Behar is an American clothing designer that is most known for his mens dress shirt line. Fore more info please click here:

Iverness Coat 

The Iverness coat is a formal overcoat that originated during the late 19th century. For more information please click here:
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