Mens Fashion with letter H

Below is a list with terminology realted to mens fashion & style - all starting with the letter "H". Click on the word to read more on a specific term. Did we miss something that should be there? Then contact us and tell us what should be added. Although this Encyclopedia on Mens Fashion will never be finished, it is our goal to have a "almost" complete list by the end of 2009.


Hermes is a high-end French fashion designer founded in 1837. To learn more about this designer, please click the link on the left.

High Notch 

The term High-Notch refers to the lapel style on a mens jacket or suit. To read more about this lapel style please click the link.

Harris Tweed 

Harris Tweed is a woolen cloth that was first made on the Isles of Harris, Scottland. To read more on this type of fabric please click the link.

Hessian Boots 

Hessians are a boot style originating in Hess, Germany in the 18th century. To read more of this boot style and its uses please click this link.


Herringbone is a common pattern type on suit fabrics. To read more on this "Fish-bone" style fabric pattern please click this link.

Homborg Hat 

The homborg is a "fixed form" style fedora hat that originated in Germany at the end of the 19th century. To read more on the Homborg hat style please click this link.

Haute Couture 

The term Haute Couture refers custom-made and upscale clothing for women. To read more on haute couture and what defines it, please click this link.

Henley Shirt 

The best way to describe the Henley shirt is a collarless polo shirt. To the full story of the Henley shirt please click this link.

Hugo Boss 

Hugo Boss is a German based fashion house that was founded Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1923. To read the entire story of this brand label and its impact on men's fashion please click this link.

Henry Poole Co 

Henry Poole & Co is a famous British mens fashion tailor known for it's high end cusom-made suits. To read the entire history of Henry Poole & Co please click the link.


The hoodie is a sweater style that has a hood attached to the back. For more information please click here:
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