Mens Fashion with letter G

Below is a list with industry jargon related to fashion, style, dress codes, textiles, patterns, clothing items, and more - all starting with the letter "G". At Ties-Necktie it is our goal to create a complete Encyclopedia on Mens Fashion by the end of 2009. Would you like to contribute and/or make suggestions? Then contact us and tell us what is missing or should be added. We look forward to hear from you.

Giorgio Armani 

Giorgio Armani was born in Piacenza, Italy on July 11th, 1934. He created the world famous fashion label Armani in 1974. To read more on the designer Armani please click on the link on the left.


Gaberdine is a tightly woven fabric that is traditionally made from worsted wool. To read more about the use of Garbadine in fashion and the history of this fabric please click the link.

Glen Urquhart Check 

Glen Urquhart Check is a plaid pattern that combines small and large checks in one design. To read more on the origin and the use of Glen Urquhart Check please click this link.


Gore-tex is a waterproof yet breatheable fabric named after its inventor: Robert W. Gore. To read more on Gore-tex and its uses please click this link.

Geoffrey Beene 

Geoffrey Beene (1924-2004) is an American born mens fashion designer. To read the entire story about this designer as well as the clothing label please click this link.

Ghillie Collar 

The ghillie collar is a lace-up type of collar. To read more on the ghillie collar style and to see a picture, please click this link.


GUCCI is an Italian fashion power-house that is most known for their fine fabrics as well as accessories such as sunglasses, shoes, and handbags. To read more on Gucci please click this link.


Galoshes are shoe covers made from water-resistant rubber material. To read more about this please click the link.


Grosgrain is a type of textile that was most popular during the 17th and 18th century. Today Grosgrain is used only on smaller, and decorative clothing pieces. To read more on Grosgrain please click the link.

Guernsey Sweater 

The Guernsey is a sweater commonly worn bu British and Scottish fishermen. To read more about the Guernsey as well as to see a picture please click:

Glengarry Cap 

The Glengarry cap originated in Scotland and is recognized by the ribbons hanging down from the hat's back side.


The gartel is a belt that is traditionally worn by Orthodox Jews during prayer. For more information on the gartel belt please click this link.


Gaiters are a Victorian era shoe cover that is typically made out of leather. For more information on Gaiters please click this link.


A dress shirt style from central and Southern America. For more info on the Guayabera please click here:

Gingham Cloth 

Gingham cloth is a cotton fabric that typically displays some type of plaid pattern. Fore more information and pictures please click here:
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