Mens Fashion with letter F

Terminology on Mens Fashion, Style, Dress Code, Brands and Designers, Textiles, and more starting with the letter "F". For a full definition, pictures, and suggestions on additional readind click on the word. At Ties-Necktie it is our goal to create a complete dictionary on Mens Fashion over the next 6-9 months. Did we miss something or are there things that should be added? Then we look forward hearing from you. Your input is appreciated.


Flannel is a type of fabric that is soft in touch and feel with a fuzzy surface. To read more detail on flannel fabric please click the word "flannel" on the left.


The fedora is felt hat made popular in men's fashion in the 1920s. To learn more about the fedora please click the word on the left.


Felt is a type of cloth that is not woven, but created by pressing fibers together. To read more on the history of felt fabric and how it is used in fashion, please click the link.

Fly Front Shirt 

The fly front shirt is a type of formal dress shirt commonly worn with tuxedo and bow tie. To read more on this shirt style please click this link.

Four in Hand 

The Four in Hand is a simple but popular way to tie a necktie. To read more on this necktie knot please click this link.

Flap Pocket 

A flap pocket is a type of pocket that is sewn onto the outside of a garment and closed with a piece of fabric. To read on, pleas click this link.

Flip Flop 

The flip-flop is a simple sandal type commonly associated with beach wear. To read more on this sandal style please click this link.

Frock Coat 

The frock coat is a knee-length overcoat that was popular during the Victorian and Edwardian era. To read more on the frock coat and to see a picture of this coat style, please click here.


FENDI is an Italian fashion house that operates under the LVMH fashion conglomerate. To read the history of FENDI please click this link.

French Cuff 

The term French cuff refers to the cuff style on a mens dress shirt. It is a folded over cuff that is worn with cufflinks. To read more please click on the link.

French Connection 

French Connection is a UK clothing brand that is also known under the initials FCUK. To read more about this designer, please click this link.

Flat Cap 

The flat cap is a flat shaped hat with a short brim. To read more about this hat style and to see a picture please click this link.

Fanny Pack 

The fanny back is a belt pouch that was once popular during the late 1980s. Today the fanny pack is considered a fashion faux pas. For more info please click this link.

Flight Jacket 

The flight jacket originated during the first world war and was intended to keep pilots worm in high altitude. For more information please cick:
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