Mens Fashion with letter E

Fashion terminology starting with the letter "E". To find out more on a specific term listed below simply click on the word. Did we miss a term related to fashion, dress code, brand names, or the textile industry? Then, tell us what should be added. At we are looking forward to your feedback. It is our goal to build a complete Dictionary on Mens Fashion.

Edwardian Suit 

The Edwardian Suit dates back to the early 20th century Britain. It is shorter, and higher-buttoned than the suit jacket men used to wear in the previous Victorian era. To read more on the Edwardian suit please click on the link to the left.

Eddie Bauer 

Eddie Bauer is an American designer brand that was founded by Mr Bauer in 1920. To read more about this designer please click the name on the left.

Eisenhower Jacket 

Read about this military uniform jacket invented by Dwight Eisenhower before Word War II:
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