Mens Fashion with letter D

Below is a list of fashion specific terminology starting with the letter "D". Besides terminology on mens fashion, we cover jargon from the textile industry, write about brands and designers, dress codes, and much more. For more information as well as related pictures on a phrase please click on the word. Did we miss something? Then, contact us and tell us about it. At it is our goal to eventually have a complete Encyclopedia on Mens Fashion.

Dogtooth Check 

Dogtooth check is a broken checkered pattern commonly found on mens blazers and women's skirts. To read more on doogtooth check please click the link on the left.

Dolce Gabbana 

Dolce and Gabbana is a luxury fashion house based out of Milan, Italy. To learn more about this brand please click the link on the left.

Double Breasted 

The term Double-Breasted refers to a particular style of jacket or coat. As the name suggests, the front flaps are cut in a way so they overlap. To read more, please click the link on the left.


In mens fashion the dimple refers to the crevice on top of the necktie knot. To read more on the dimple and how to create one, please click the link.

Duffel Coat 

The duffel coat is a coat that first originated in Belgium towards the end of the 19th century. To read the full story of the Duffel coat, please click this link.


Drill is a type of cotton fabric with a sharp diagonal weave. For more information on Drill please click here:
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