Mens Fashion with letter B

Below you will find a list of mens fashion terminology starting with the letter "B". To read more on a specific terminology simply click the link. Besides a more detailed explaination you will find useful pictures, illustrations, and occasionally, more information on related terms. Did we miss something? Then, simply contact us and tell us what vocabulary should be added to our Mens Fashion Encyclopedia.


The blazer is similar to a suit jacket. It is usually heavier in fabric, has more decoration, and traditionally is double-breasted. To read more on the history, styles, and fits of men's blazers please click the link on your left.

Bolo Tie 

The "Bolo" is a piece of neckwear consisting on a piece of string fastened with an ornamental clasp. To read more on the "Bolo Tie" please click the link on the left.


Brioni is an exclusive designer label out of Rome, Italy, that was founded in 1945. Brioni is mostly known for their high-end, handmade suits. To learn more about Brioni, please click on the link on the left.

Black Tie 

Black Tie refers to a formal dress code consisting of a tuxedo and black bow tie. To learn more about this formal dress code please click the link on the left.


Burberry is a high-end British fashion house founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. To read more on Burberry and the brand's influence on men's fashion please click the link.

Brooks Brothers 

Brooks Brothers, founded in New York in 1818, is Americas oldest mens clothing retailer. To read more about Brooks Brothers and their influence on mens fashion please click this link.

Bowler Hat 

The bowler hat is a round felt hat that originated during the mid 19th century. To read the entire story and to see pictures please click this link.


Bespoke in terms of clothing means that an item is custom made especially to a specific customer's taste. To read more on "bespoke" please click this link.

Beret Hat 

The Beret is a type of hat that, although commonly associated with France, originated in Greece. To read the entire story of the Beret hat please click this link.

Bill Blass 

Bill Blass in an American fashion designer born in 1922. To read the entire story about Blass, his company, and his influence on mens fashion, please click this link.


Bogner is a German designer label that is most known for their ski apparel. To read more on Bogner please click this link.

Birds Eye 

In fabrics and textiles the Bird's Eye pattern refers to a tiny/ intricate pattern that looks like a minuscule polka-dot pattern. To read on, please click this link.


Brim is the rim around a mens hat. To read the full definition of the term brim, pleas click this link.


Learn all there is to know about using bamboo in fabrics and textiles. Click here to read the full story.


The boutonniere is a floral decoration worn on the lapel of a tuxedo jacket. To read more and for pictures, please click this link.

Banana Republic 

Banana Republic is a US upscale clothing brand that is operated under the GAP Inc. umbrella. To read the entire story of Banana Republic please click this link.

Boat Shoes 

Boat shoes are a non-slip type of deck shoe popular amount sailors. To read more about this shoe style and to see a picture please click this link.

Broadcloth Fabric 

Broadcloth is a tightly woven fabric with good insulating properties. To read more about how this fabric is made as well as its uses please click this link.


Bunting is a thin fabric made out of worsted wool. To read more about bunting, such as how it is made as well as its uses, please click this link.

Bermuda Shorts 

The history of the Bermuda shorts. Learn about this clothing item as well as see pictures. For more information please click here:

Bobble Hat 

The classic Bobble-hat: Where it originated and what it looks like. Read the entire story about the Bobble hat.

Button Down Collar 

The button down collar is common on slightly informal dress shirts and can be worn with or without a necktie. For more information including pictures please click this link.

Business Casual Attire 

Learn how to dress for Casual Fridays with these business casual dress code tips.

Barrel Cuff 

The barrel cuff is a classic cuff style common on mens dress shirts. For more information on mens cuff styles please click this link.


The bekishe is a coat style worn by Hasadic Jews. For more informaion and pictures of the Bekishe please click this link.

Box Pleats 

The box pleat is a double pleat that is commonly used on the back of a shirt or jacket. For more information on this pleat style please click this link.


The Blucher is an open laced dress shoe that is similar to the oxford shoe. For more info please click here:


As the name suggests, barkcloth is a textile made from the bark of a tree. For more information on barkcloth and its uses please click this link:


Birkenstock is a trademarked brand name out of Germany. It is a company known for their orthopedic sandals. For more information such as the companys history, please click this link:


Breeches are a knee length mens pant style from the 16th century. For more information about Breeches as well as pictures, please click this link:

Beatle Boot 

The beatle boot is an ankle high boot style that is similar in look to the Chelsea boot and were made popular by the pop band The Beatles. For more information please click here:
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