Mens Fashion with letter A

This site features all fashion terms starting with the letter "A". All definitions are sorted in alphabetical order. To read more on a particular definition, simply click on the term for a more detailed explaination, to see sample pictures, and to learn more on related terms.

Alpaca Wool 

Alpacas are the llamas of south America. Their high quality wool is used in a wide range of clothing items throughout the world.


Atkinsons is an exclusive designer label out of Dublin Ireland that was founded in 1837 by Richard Atkinsons. To read more about this designer please click on the link on the left.

Ascot Tie 

The ascot tie is very closely related to the cravat. It is a very formal piece of neckwear for men. To read more on the ascot, how to wear it, and its history, please click on the link on the left.

Abercrombie Fitch 

Abercrombie and Fitch is a US clothing company founded in 1892. TO read more about this clothing brand, its history, and other trivia, please click this link.

Alan Flusser 

Alan Flusser is an American menswear designer that is most known for his elegant and timeless suits. To read more please click this link.


In fashion, the term Avant-garde is used to describe very innovative design, very refined taste, and high-end, one of the kind clothing.


Aramid is a synthetic fiber known for its high strength. It is a fiber commonly used on clothes for utility rather than comfort or fashion purpose. To read more on Aramid, please click this link.

Academic Scarf 

Academic scarves are woolen scarves made in certain British school colors and worn to display a school pride by students. To read more please click this link:
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