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Examples of Matching Ties to Shirt and Suit

We at put together some sample outfits that will help you find new and creative ideas to match your suit, shirts, and neckties. If you are looking for more ways to dress professionally and elegantly - besides the uniform looking gray suit and white shirt combination – then the pictures below might just spark new inspiration to become the best dressed man in your office.

Classic, Simple and Professional

classic shirt, suit, tie combinationThe most conservative and safest way for suit & tie are solid colors. The charcoal colored suit and white dress shirt combination is professional and time-less. It will create a competent first impression that is perfectly suited for job interviews, court appearances, as well as for conservative business meetings. The tie you choose for such an outfit should add color and set a contrast but at the same time should not be too loud, flashy, and overpowering. Best tie colors are burgundy and dark shades of blue. For the patterns we suggest simple stripes, solids, or fine foulard patterns. The outfit pictured at the top is a perfect example of a classic suit and tie look. It may appear boring to the to the fashion-forward oriented tie-wearer but at the same time it is an outfit that will get the job done – meaning to create a an image of professionalism and competence.

Showing color without too much flash

gray suit, blue dress shirt, yellow necktieThere is nothing wrong with showing some color on suit and tie as long as it is done the right way. In fact wearing colors that compliment your personal color profile is encouraged (you may also want to visit our guide on matching dress shirts to your type for some more information on personal color profile). It breaks up the monotony in the office and adds fresh-new character to your wardrobe. For necktie newbies and those with limited wardrobe space and budget should invest in one or two solid light blue dress shirts and a few ties in slightly brighter colors and simple/classic patterns. Great necktie colors for the spring and summer are light blues, orange, yellow, pink, and light pastel greens. For the fall and winter we suggest slightly muted color shades on ties such as burned orange, hunter-green, burgundy, and navy-blue. The outfit pictured above is a perfect example to add some color while at the same time keeping the outfit classic and professional. The light blue dress shirt perfectly complements the amber-yellow color on the tie, and the diagonal striped pattern on the necktie adds the classic business look.

Pink Dress Suit in Business?

matching pink dress shirt to suit and tiesPink is a color that has gained much popularity in mens fashion over the past years. Even business outfits are decorated with pink ties and pink colored dress shirts. Before you take the next best pink tie or shirt and wear it to the office think about what image you want to portray. Too much pink as well as bright pinks - such as coral, fuchsia, and magenta – can be perceived as flashy and arrogant. The example pictured above is a perfect way to add a pink colored dress shirt to a professional suit & tie outfit. The navy-blue suit is what gives the outfit a business touch., and the navy blue and pink striped tie gives perfect harmony to the conservative suit and the fashion-forward pink dress shirt.

Striped shirts with suit and tie

matching striped shirt with neck tiesStriped dress shirts are perfect for business wear. They are slightly less formal than solid whites and blues and are therefore less suited for events like job interviews or college career days. Nevertheless, they are an excellent choice for anyone that wears a suit & tie daily, and wasn’t to break up the look. Most popular are stripes in blue & white, gray & white, beige & white, and pink & white. When combining the striped dress shirt to suit and tie, make sure to look at the other patterns on your other clothing items. As a general rule: combine patterns that are different in size. The example pictured above is a perfect example. The narrow stripes on the dress shirt work well with the wider stripes on the necktie, and the blue theme of the outfit gets some more color from the cherry-red stripes on the tie. A great selection of ties for the narrow striped dress shirt are: Wide striped ties and solid color ties.

Patterned suits fabrics and blazer jackets

Matching ties to check pattern suit blazer jacketAs a general rule: The coarser the fabric and the more visible the pattern on a suit the less formal it will be. Suits made from coarse twill fabric or suits with a strong contrasted window-pane or prince of Whales check have more of a “Country club feel” than business-look. Such suit and blazers jackets are usually reserved for the more mature, and more established gentleman. The look of a worsted wool navy-blue sports coat, gray flannel pants, blue dress shirt, and regimental striped tie would be a perfect example. The picture above shows a slightly more simplified way to pair shirt and tie to a check patterned sport coat jacket. The light blue dress shirt perfectly complements the blue color on the jacket and softens the contrast to the burgundy colored tie which again harmonizes with the rust-brown check pattern on the jacket.