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Information about Atkinsons

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Richard Atkinson, inspired the silk business of the Huguenot families by convincing a group of craftsman to manufacture their Irish poplin exclusively for him. The poplin was originally called “Pape Lin” and worn by the Pope in his residence in Avignon.

The Atkinson shop in College Green in Dublin grew to be a meeting place for fashion, and in 1837 Mr. Atkinson was appointed Queen Victoria’s purveyor of the court . It was this unusual royal connection that lead to the fact that this material was called Royal Irish Poplin.

Today Royal Irish Poplin is probably the most exclusive material for ties. A very thick string of 400 threads per inch of pure silk covers one weft of worsted yarn, which was scorched in order to remove all waste fibers on the surface. The combination of these two materials is simply perfect for the tie. Silk makes the exclusive outside appearance, and wool provides for the perfect fit of the knot. In order to preserve the brilliant shine of the Royal Irish Poplin, each string includes approximately 20,000 threads of silk.

The collection reminds us of the tradition of the past and it is the aim of the company to offer a product that is unique The production capacity is deliberately kept short, to ensure a high-quality hand made product. The most exquisite gentlemen’s outfitters of the world compete to receive some of the limited supply of these items.

Atkinsons has remained a small family company with a reputation that has been built up over almost two centuries.