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How to Tie a Tie

The Most Popular Ways to Tie a Tie:

Accessorizing with Pocket Squares

Once you have mastered the perfect tie knot and understand the basics on how to match your tie to shirt and suit, you may want to start considering another accessory: the Pocket Square. Pocket Squares are a perfect addition to any shirt and suit. Just like there are different ways to tie a tie, there are different ways to fold a pocket square. We at summarized the most popular styles in our guide on: How to Fold a Pocket Square

How Long Should You Tie a Tie?

Tie the tie so that the wider end of the tie closes a bit above the belt buckle and the thinner end is about one inch shorter than the wider end.

How Many Different Necktie Knots Are There?

188 different Tie-Knots are introduced by Davide Mosconi and Ricardo Villarosa in their book „188 Facons de nouer sa cravatte“ and there are actually even more ways to tie your neck tie.

What to Consider When Tying a Tie

  • The shape of the collar – The wider the spread of the collar the thicker of a knot is recommended.
  • The height and the width of the collar – what gap has to be filled ?
  • Width of tie – Nowadays, a tie measures 3 ¾ inches at the widest part. Wider ties used to be more in style in the 80s with about 4 ¾ inches in width. In the 50s and 60s ties were much narrower (about 2 ¾ inches wide). Today this retro style skinny tie is gaining more popularity with younger men.
  • Fullness and Smoothness of a tie – more material requires smaller knots.
  • How tall a man is – to avoid the dangling of the narrow part of the tie. Extra long ties are recommended for men 6‘3“ and taller.
  • The fashion – in the 90ties it was small knots, nowadays larger knots with more volume are in style.
  • The tie chooses: Classic designs such as regimental ties and the traditional British club tie calls for a smaller knot. Modern Italian ties, and ties in brighter spring colors are preferred with larger more triangular looking tie knots.