How to Tie a Mens Scarf

The neck scarf is a fashionable fashion accessory for men. The scarf looks great with or without the necktie, can be tugged inside the overcoat or worn loosely over the shoulder. Just like there are many ways to tie a necktie, there are several options available when tying a neck scarf. Below are the two most popular ways to tie a mens scarf. In case you are looking for scarves, then we invite you to view our selection of Mens Silk Scarves.

Once-around Knot

This type of knot is very easy and quick to tie. It is convenient, comfortable and suited for a wide range of temperatures. It is a perfect way to wear your scarf on a brisk morning day when paired with a blazer jacket, sports coat, or classic suit, tie, and overcoat ensemble.

once around mens scarf knot
  1. Depending on the width of the scarf, you may need to fold it alongside at the center. A good width are 5-7 inches.
  2. Lay the scarf around your neck and wrap one end through the loop near the neck as illustrated above.
  3. Lay both ends on top of each other and adjust to your personal liking.

The Parisian Scarf Knot

This knot style is popular for mens as well as women’s scarves. It such a popular way to tie a scarf because it is simple, elegant, and suited for almost any scarf style and fabric. Depending on your preference you can make the scarf thicker and more warming when doubling it lengthwise. Although this knot pairs well with many ensembles, including classic suit & tie, it looks best on shorter fitted jackets with notch collar.

Parisian Mens Scarf Knot
  1. Fold the scarf near the center an lay it around your neck. A loop should be on one side and two loose ends should hang down from the other.
  2. Pull the two loose ends through the loop and adjust to your liking.

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