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Everything About Ties: Tie Care Tips, Necktie History, Tie Dress Codes, & More

The History of the Necktie

For centuries men used to tie a scarf or neckerchief around their necks. While not initially intended as a fashion accessory, but rather a clothing piece to keep you warm, this early form of the necktie eventually turned into the ties we knot today. The tie as we know it today has its roots in the mid 19th century in France. Later on, British military regiments created their own unique regimental ties and club ties, which further supported the spreading of the mens necktie. The current shape did not come into fashion until 1924. Read more on the: History of the Tie

Necktie & Bow Tie Fabrics

Most men’s ties are made out of finest silk. Although silk is the predominant fabric for neckties and bow ties, lots of other weaves, fabrics, and fabric blends are being used. For the summer months for instance ties made from cotton have become popular while men’s winter fashion has been seeing ties made from cashmere and worsted wool. Although men can nowadays find ties made from a huge range of fabrics, silk still remains the most popular and most classic choice. For more information please read our complete story about Tie Fabrics

How a Tie is Made?

There are only two ways of sewing a quality men’s necktie – either by hand or with a so-called LIBA machine. Most neckties are made with an inner lining made from either wool, cotton, or polyester (found typically on cheaper ties). The lining of the tie has the important task of keeping the tie straight. In addition it gives the necktie a fuller look, supports a perfect looking tie knot, and has the tie go back to its wrinkle free and straight shape after wearing. In addition to neckties with lining, some (typically high end luxury ties) are made without the use of lining fabric. Experts speak of 5-fold and 7-fold ties. Read more aboutTie Manufacturing

How to match a tie to a shirt and suit: The ten golden rules of shirt and tie matching

Learn how to match your necktie to shirt and suit. These ten rules for matching your ties will add a more sophisticated touch to your suit & tie look. Here are our “Ten golden rules on how to combine your clothing”. Read more on Which tie goes with a suit and shirt?

Necktie dress code

Which tie for which occasion? Learn what to wear to a black tie attire event, business meetings, weddings, funeral dress code, and more. The ten golden rules for the necktie dress code. Dresscode for ties?

Silk tie care

After wearing a necktie always untie it and roll it up. Either store the tie flat or hang it in on a rod, clothes hanger, or specialty made tie-rack. Do not iron your ties and avoid dry-cleaning. Here are all the necktie care tips. More information on Tie Care

Sample Pictures of Matching Suit, Shirt, and Tie

Our favorite suit & tie looks. See sample pictures of matching your suit with shirt and ties. Get ideas on how to combine colors and fabric patterns. For more info please click: Matching Suit, Shirt, Ties

How to Advice

Looking for more fashion tips, advice, and resources? Then you may want to visit our tutorials on How to Tie a Tie as well as our instructions on How to Fold a Pocket Square.