Dapper Dude vs. Casual America

Help Dapper Dude in his fight against Casual America! Each week's highest score wins a $100 store credit! Play, have fun, & win.

Time Left to win:
5797 min

Current Winner

1. william = 152825 Pts

2. Rodney = 122630 Pts

3. s = 110175 Pts

Last Winner

1. Terry = 76890 Pts

2. Terry = 74270 Pts

3. Jeffrey = 71690 Pts

Alltime Winner

1. William = 213680 Pts


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How to Play & Win

Help Dapper Dude in his fight against Casual America! Collect all the bow ties and neckties, but avoid those tacky sandals. Extra points are given if you can scoop up the sandals after eating one of the black dots first. Make sure to post your score after you completed the challenge. Each week we will e-mail the most dapper dude a $100 gift certificate to our store. Let the fun begin!


Please note that each player can only win once. We at Ties-Necktie want to avoid that one amazingly skilled video gamer scoops up all the weekly prizes. Instead, we believe that everyone should have a fair chance of winning once.

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