November 22, 2016

How To Wear A Brown Dress Shirt – 6 Menswear Looks


How To Wear A Brown Dress Shirt - 6 Looks for Men


Look 1:  Fawn Polka Dot Tie  |  Indigo Sweater  |  Beige Twill Pants

Look 2:  Wool Striped Tie  |  Light Brown Plain Suit

Look 3:  Tan Houndstooth Tie |  Check Blazer  |  Camel Wool Pants

Look 4:  Navy Dot Necktie  |  Brown Check Suit

Look 5:  Retro Brown + Gray Tie  | Gray + Brown Check Suit

Look 6:  Speckled Skinny Tie in Red  |  Navy Cardigan  |  Gray Wool Pants


A difficult foe – the brown dress shirt – has most likely seen less sunshine than other items from your closet. While brown is a standard color in other menswear items, pairing the dress shirt is a laborious task for many. We’ve created a guide of 6 looks to help match your brown shirt to neckwear, suits, and sweaters. Our favorite pairing combinations range from blue, tan, and burgundy. Get inspired and stretch out that shirt’s arms! Let us know how you wear a brown shirt in the comments below.

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