September 26, 2011

Ties for Checkered Shirts

Three Great Ties for Check Patterned Dress Shirts

Solid suit, plain white dress shirt, and a striped navy blue necktie that has been tied with a four in Hand knot – a classic business uniform that seems to be present everywhere you look. If you are looking to add a bit more style, personal character, and fashion to your business attire then adding and combining patterns is a perfect way to go. Before you go crazy in mixing and matching a handful different patterns into one outfit, please consider this universal rule: Make sure that the patterns you combine into one outfit are different in size! Yes, this does mean that you can in fact match striped ties with striped shirts – as long as the widths of the stripes are different enough to set a clear contrast. Patterson that are too similar in size and style will create a “busy” look that hurts the eye.

Below we are making three suggestions for neckties to wear with your check patterned dress shirt. Please click the image to see a larger picture as well as to purchase this tie.

Solid Navy Blue Tie
Want to keep things simple and safe, yet not boring? Then pairing your check patterned shirt with a solid silk tie will be perfect. Any size or style check pattern will compliment a solid color necktie. For this particular dark navy blue tie we suggest a white shirts with check pattern in blue or light gray. Our suggestion for a complete outfit: Light gray pin striped suit, white shirt with blue check pattern, black shoes and belt, and a matching navy blue pocket square – a sleek and elegant look that will turn heads in, and outside the office. Handmade from 100% silk by Parsley. This tie retails for $29.90.

black-silver-patterned-tieFine Patterned Black & Silver Silk Tie
This black and silver tie appears like a solid colored necktie from the distance but a closer look reveals a very fine pattern that resembles tiny diamonds. This pattern is woven into the fabric and creates a thick feel and nice texture. To match this tie with checkered shirt we suggest a white shirt with light gray check pattern. Because the pattern on this tie is so small, any size check pattern will look nice. This tie is handmade from pure silk by French designer Chevalier. Please click on the picture for a closer look. This tie retails for $39.90.

red-silver-striped-tieRed & Silver Striped Tie
Striped and checks! Yes, we indeed suggest a striped necktie for your checkered dress shirt. Regardless of the check’s size or style, this striped tie will be perfect. The stripes are simple and classic and the colors will look best with blues and grays. For more detailed info and larger pictures please click on the picture. This tie is handmade from pure woven silk by Parsley Luxury Neckwear. It retails for $29.90. To buy this tie please click on the picture and continue with checkout.

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