December 12, 2008

Pleated Men’s Dress Pants

Are Pleated Pants in Style?

The simple answer is yes! Pleated dress pants that are part of a 2-piece suit are a classic design that will never go out of style. What type of pleats you choose depends on your preference, your body type, and your other pieces of clothing.

Different Styles of Pleated Pants
Most common are pleats with two, three, and even four pleats on each side. Most common are pleats in pants that are made from a softer fabric such as fine wool. Usually the softer and/or thinner the fabric the better pleats will look since they will add a nice draping effect to your pants. In addition the pleats add additional fabric to each leg, which will allow for greater movement, which in turn will prevent the fabric from tearing easily. Pleated Khaki pants on the other hand, especially in lighter tan colors, have recently gone out of style.

Matching Pleated Pants
Pleated pants should be worn with a belt, and should also be worn with a tugged in dress shirt. Pair the classic pleated pants with a nice pair of fashionable dress shoes. The combination between contemporary design on the shoes and the classic-traditional look on the pants will look quite elegant. On a final note make sure your shoe color matches your belt.

Pleats or Plain-front Pants?
Usually younger men, and men with a more athletic built prefer the non-pleated, straight cut pants. If this describes you then the plain-front pants might just be the right choice for you. On the contrary, pleated pants are more common on trousers that are part of a 2-piece suit, they are typically preferred by a more mature/older audience, and they are a good fit for men with a heavier build.

Whatever pants you choose to wear, make sure they fit right on your waist and legs. Also make sure that they are tailored to the right length. Click here for tips to find a tailor.