May 18, 2017

Geometric Floral Patterned Neckties: Spring + Summer Menswear

Shop Floral Neckties in 6 Colors

When it comes to upgrading your wardrobe, there are some easy tricks to making your outfits look completely different while avoiding a complete closet overhaul! For the man who is required to or enjoys wearing suits everyday, experimenting with new pairings or adding in new colors and designs to your rotation can do wonders. Our featured collection of Geometric Floral neckties are now available in six different colors and the perfect accessory to amp up your look! The small scale pattern paired with the bright and inviting color palettes in pink, orange, burgundy, navy, red and light blue will help you create a distinguished look with your favorite suits and jackets in navy or gray. Not only does this tie look great, it is made from 100% pure silk and available at a fraction of the cost of similar products sold at department stores.

Floral Tie in Pink, Lavender, and Cream Carrot Orange Tie with Flowers in Blue and PeachBurgundy Tie with Cream and Navy Flowers Floral Tie in Navy, Blue, and RedCherry Red Floral Tie Marina Blue Floral Silk Tie


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May 11, 2017

Must Have Pink Menswear Items

Must Have Pink Menswear Items + Accessories

Pink is trending this year in men’s summer wear! The light hue is a great option to help you branch out and vary your look from the grey and blues that have dominated your wardrobe the past 6 months. An easy way to completely change your appearance can be accomplished by adding just one pink item to your outfit. Transform into your favorite summer version yet with these simple style upgrades. Shop the items below.


Dusty Pink Baseball Cap  |  Matte Pink Mens Tie Bar

Pink Bomber Jacket  |  Pale Pink Polo Shirt

Pink Check Mens Dress Shirt  | Pink Chino Shorts  |  Pink Relaxed Dress Pants

Pink Grenadine Necktie  |  Plaid Pink Bow Tie

Pink Silk Foulard Floral Tie  |  Pink and Grape Polka Dot Hanky

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May 4, 2017

Colorful Men’s Plaid Neckties for Summer

Get paired with plaid and brighten up your office wear with this featured tie collection! A well-known design with exciting and eye-catching color combinations will boost your weekly style. In palettes of green and orange, yellow and blue, red and powder blue, and brown and golden wheat. These silk neckties can be worn with a summer cotton button up dress shirt with trousers in classic navy. Which color is your favorite? Shop the items below:



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April 27, 2017

Get The Look: Light Blue Menswear Accessories

Shop The Look - Mens Windowpane Suit + Light Blue Tie


Time to get rid of the winter blues and say hello to the spring hues (which just so happen to also be blue). It’s impossible to not be infatuated with the whimsical pastel blues that tickle our budding floral fancies. This week’s look headlines a clean and distinguished windowpane check linen suit in grey. A classic color taking on a contemporary patterned suit. The simplicity of the light blue necktie, pale blue shirt, and patterned light blue pocket square keeps the outfit charming but not too busy. Don’t limit your success to just work, get ready to hit those style goals at the office!

Grey Check Mens Suit

Aviator Sunglasses

Dress Shirt

Solid Light Blue Men’s Tie

Patterned Blue Pocket Square

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April 17, 2017

Spring’s Best Yellow Neckties + Bow Ties

Best Yellow Spring Ties and Bow Ties

Gingham Tie in Yellow + Blue  |  Nautical Tie in Yellow  |  Yellow, White, Blue Striped Tie

Daffodil Yellow Striped Tie  |  Yellow + Navy Dot Tie  |  Yellow and White Striped Necktie

Regimental Yellow + Blue Stripes  |  Vanilla Yellow Pin Dot Bow Tie  |  Yellow Mexican Tile Tie


We’re putting our best foot forward with our most popular items in yellow! Yellow’s best mate, navy makes an appearance once or twice in these trendy menswear designs, but they do go together like peanut butter and jelly. Amp up your tie game and be the one that others look to for styling inspiration. Yellow neckties look splendid when worn with dress shirts in white, pale blue, or light gray. In regards to suits, you won’t find a navy suit that a yellow doesn’t like! Shop the links above.


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April 6, 2017

Wood-Grain Weave Neckties: Contemporary Menswear

Mens Skinny Wood Grain Weave Necktie


Looking for a contemporary addition to include in your necktie rotation? We are promoting a collection from menswear fashion house, Puccini. These skinny neckties feature an intricate and detailed wood-grain design that will be a unique addition to any compilation. The contemporary skinny width will with a oxford button up shirt in white, light blue, or grey. The versatile color schemes will keep you wearing it all year long. Shop the items below. Let us know how you would wear this tie in the comments below.

Contemporary Menswear - Skinny Wood Grain Neckties   Contemporary Menswear - Skinny Wood Grain Neckties

             Blue + Black Skinny Tie                           Red Wood-Grain Skinny Tie

Contemporary Menswear - Skinny Wood Grain Neckties   Contemporary Menswear - Skinny Wood Grain Neckties

         Silver + Black Texture Necktie                   Skinny Charcoal, Blue, + Red Tie


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March 30, 2017

Get The Look: Herringbone Necktie + Lime Green Hanky

Shop This Classic Mens Look: Navy Jacket + Herringbone Tie

Blue Wool Blazer

White Dress Shirt

Smoke Grey Herringbone Skinny Tie

Lime Green Dot Hanky

Black Pinstripe Suit Pants

Rose Gold, Leather Strap Watch


We love seeing surprising colors pop out in unexpected pairings! This week’s featured look does just that and we’re gaga for it! This dashing combination of blue and grey (one of our favorites) is a staple in many-a-man’s rotation. The piece that catches the eye in this particular mens look is the pin dot pocket square in lime green. It’s not everyday you see a lime green item worked in so flawlessly to an outfit. The easy on the eyes quality of the navy blazer, pinstripe pants, and herringbone necktie makes the brighter hanky an exceptional choice. The whole shebang is finalized with the softer watch approach with a rose gold face and brown leather strap. What is your favorite piece from this look?


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March 23, 2017

How To Nail Spring Style: Patterned Shirts + Bow Ties

Trending this spring season in men’s fashion is the use of patterns! Don’t be afraid to step outside your usual work shirts and endeavor for something more daring. Our stylist discovered this fun and unique collection from Bonobos, a litany of short-sleeved button up shirts in creative patterns. A hybrid between dress and casual, these shirts will take you out of your typical arena and transcend you to a new sphere of expertise. The tried and true shirt colors of navy, blue, white, and pink will make it easy to find the best neckwear accessories to tag along for the ultimate men’s look. Making the most of your style is all about finding the perfect amount of balance. For bold designs such as these, your best option is to wear solid neckties or bow ties to complement the colors and not to create an overwhelming ensemble. Here we’ve chosen three of our wool and silk blend, self tied, bow ties to wear with three of our favorite patterned shirt from Bonobos. Which look is your favorite? 

  • Blue Jewel Floral Shirt + Linen Azalea Pink Bow Tie
  • Blue Cactus Stripe Shirt + Linen Azalea Pink Bow Tie
  • Blue Shark Attack Shirt + Linen Azalea Pink Bow Tie


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March 16, 2017

Get The Look: Retro Tan Necktie + Chambray

Get The Look - Chambray Shirt + Skinny Tan Necktie

Light Taupe Skinny Fit Jacket

Navy Herringbone Chambray Shirt

White and Silver Linen Pocket Square

Retro Striped Tie in Tan, Green, Orange

In search of a way to wear your chambray shirt into the office and get away with it? Here’s a look that will take your casual pieces and turn them into a men’s fashion masterpiece. We love the pairing of this easy-to-wear navy herringbone chambray shirt with a more office-appropriate light taupe jacket. The silk skinny striped necktie in tan, orange, and green with textured appearance adds a retro dimension to the ensemble while the pocket square takes the outfit up a few notches. Shop the items above!

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March 9, 2017

Men’s St. Patrick’s Day Style: Green Bow Ties + Pocket Squares







Last year we featured St. Patrick’s Menswear by picking eight of our popular green neckties. This year our stylist has chosen five sets of bow ties and pocket squares to help you celebrate your Irish roots! With festivities happening next week, don’t waste any time! Get your green menswear squared away so you can look your cheery best for a lucky year. Shop the items above!


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