October 5, 2017

Men’s Accessories To Wear With Check Suit

How to Wear A Wool Check Suit

Menswear enthusiasts will soon begin wearing textured and warmer fabrics to brace themselves for the upcoming weather changes. With this comes a new rotation of jackets, pants, and accessories. A must have for any man is a quality wool, check suit. This black and gray jacket and pant from H&M are an affordable option. While the suit has a pattern that doesn’t mean you can’t mix other designs into the outfit. We’ve chosen a bold paisley tie in wine red and purple with a solid blue shirt or a gray dress shirt and herringbone wineberry necktie. In both looks, the pop of color will catch your eye in the best way possible.



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September 28, 2017

The Last Look of Summer: Mens Red + Blue Gingham

The Last Look of Summer - Menswear in Red, Blue, and Silver

Blue Mens Jacket

Gingham Check Shirt

Solid White Linen Pocket Square

Silver Knit Tie in Silk

End summer with a bang with this inspiring menswear look for the books. The ultimate colors of summer: blue and red teamed up with with a blue jacket, silver knit necktie, and linen pocket square. This timeless combination of patterns and colors is the mark of a styling master. Shop this look in hopes of holding onto summer for a little while longer!

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September 21, 2017

How To Wear Wide + Thin Stripes – Mens Style Guide

With hundreds of pattern pairing variations, there are endless ways to change up your style with simple additions of new designs. Teaming up stripes with stripes can often go terribly wrong, but in this instance, we can’t get enough! The trick to pairing stripes is to use varying widths and hues so as not to make your head hurt. This look features a light blue thin striped shirt with a wide striped navy and gold necktie. With the stripes going different directions, width variations, and color distinctiveness, this pairing becomes a hit! The contrast with the solid navy vest brings it all together to a cohesive piece. How do you like to wear your stripes?

Check out our vast striped tie collection!

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September 14, 2017

The Best Brown Neckties To Wear This Season

Fall Mens Fashion - Brown and Champagne Neckties

Our stylist has found nine of the most popular brown toned neckties. A trendy color for the upcoming season, it’s time to break out your favorite fall shirts and team it up an essential autumn accessory. Brown hues offer a warmth and comfortability when paired with complementary counterparts. Popular pairings include navy, burgundy, indigo, and olive green. Embrace the mixing of textures and tones that come with the layering seasons.

Brown Barleycorn  |  Honey Wheat Polka Dot  | Burnt Orange Plaid

Fawn Polk Dot  |  Vintage Paisley  |  Espresso Brown Herringbone

Golden Tan Tartan Plaid  |  Solid Champagne  |  Beige Nautical Tie

See all of our brown ties here.

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September 8, 2017

Ultra Skinny Geometric Neckties

New Necktie Collection - Super Skinny Geometric Dot

In search of a new addition to your skinny tie collection? We regularly introduce new items to our vast inventory and this month added four new neckties. Not only are these colors eye-catching and bold, the width is one of our skinniest yet. Measuring at 1.5 inches wide, this calls for the term ULTRA skinny. Recharge your style by infusing a dynamic neckwear accessory. Available in four luminous colors: Sea Green, Watermelon Pink, Coral Blue, Graphite Gray.


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August 31, 2017

How To Be The Most Stylish Groom This Fall

  • Mens Green Corduroy Suit Jacket - Mens Fall Wedding Style

Fall weddings can be some of the most enjoyable to plan. With nature’s color scheme changing daily, you won’t have to work hard to create a magical setting. Popular wedding hues throughout the fall trend from burgundy, navy, forest green, burnt orange, eggplant purple, and rich brown. Grooms’ suits for fall often vary from wool, tweed, or a standard silk blend. Trending this season in the menswear world is the re-entry of corduroy. This thicker fabric has been revamped in favorable colors and ready to transform mens wardrobe across the globe. We’ve put together a look in preparation of helping grooms be the most stylish this fall.

The suit will shock and amaze (in the best way possible, of course) that a groom is wearing a green suit and the fact that he’ll be nailing the color while dressed in a corduroy fabric will earn respect and display confidence! In order to not overload the trendy scale, we picked out a classic white dress shirt for our fall groom. Depending on the desired feel, we’ve chosen two possible neckties. A black necktie with a modern design or a light brown wool blend necktie with small white dots. Make the shoes a statement finish with a fall worthy, tawny brogue shoe. Shop the items above!


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August 24, 2017

Must Have Mens Items For The Ultimate Fall Style

Mens Fall Style - What To Wear This Fall

Corduroy Trucker Jacket

Charcoal Skinny Necktie

Burgundy Chinos

Corduroy Mens Cap

Burgundy Paisley Mens Silk Scarf

Charcoal Skinny Knit Necktie

Dark Tan Dress Boots

With fall right around the corner, it’s time to replenish your wardrobe with autumn-ready attire. Corduroy is making a comeback this season so it might be a good time to go in search of a vintage jacket. If you’re not into thrifting, there are many affordable options for quality corduroy right now. Be sure to stock up on the flannels for layering and looking great. Options can range from super casual and lumberjack worthy to business casual suitable enough for some offices. Shop some of our other fall essentials for men above. What items are your go to this season?

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August 17, 2017

Get The Look: Pin Dot and Geometric Patterned Hanky

Shop This Look - Pin Dot Forest Green Necktie



Pocket Square

Pin Dot Green Necktie

When it comes to finding the right pocket square, any styling master will tell you the tie and hanky don’t always have to be an exact match. Choosing a specific pocket square can add a bump of flair to your look without having to wear an excessive necktie. Finding a color that complements your suit, shirt, and necktie will put you ahead of the styling curve. This look takes two of menswear’s favorite colors and combines them for a dynamic look. The pin dot necktie in forest green and blue pocket square with festive flashes of color will add monumental class to your favorite jacket. Shop the items above.

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August 10, 2017

Racing to Fall Style: Mens Neckties in Burgundy

Burgundy Neckties for Mens Fall Fashion

Get ready to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall over the upcoming weeks and months! A great way to do this is to add in the fall colors. Dark hues in navy, burgundy, and orange are a great place to start! Burgundy can be worn throughout the year, but truly shines in the cooler months. Its rich tone can create a warming sensibility to a look. Our stylist rounded up some items featuring this trendy color. Stripes, plaid, paisley, and knit, we’ve got you covered! Shop the items below.

Cotton Plaid Tie in Black, Silver, Red Graphite Gray Striped Skinny Tie  Plum Color Skinny Tie with Silver and Blue Paisleys Burgundy Wool Tie with Blue Stripes Skinny Knit Tie in Rosewood Plum Colored Floral Tie


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August 3, 2017

Back To College Style: Essentials For Studious Men

Dress to Impress As You Head Back To College

It’s almost time to start thinking about school and bouquets of newly sharpened pencils. For the college age students, new supplies probably don’t quite tickle your fancy like they did in elementary school. As age increases, life becomes less about your newest folder or trapper keeper and more about how you present yourself to the world. Any college student who wants to be taken seriously can take a tip from our curation of “Back To College Style Essentials”. A must have is a workhorse blazer that will add sophistication when your attendance is required at any special event. A linen shirt and knit tie will always be a hit when worn with anything from jeans, chinos, or dress pants. For our combo, we chose a tan chino that can either be worn with a chukka boot or a white trainer, depending on your preferred appearance. Never be caught off guard without a handy notebook and pen for jotting down those last minute notes, impromptu ideas, or a special someone’s digits. Invest in a quality backpack as you lug pounds and pounds of accounting or biology books around campus that won’t break every semester. When all else fails trust that your studious glasses will help you look the part and remember to stay on time regardless of your phone’s battery with a trendy watch. Shop all items below!

Dark Khaki Green Twill Blazer

Mens Blue Linen Shirt

Navy Knit Tie with Yellow Dots

Mens Tan Chinos

Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine Roller Pen

Harwick Backpack in Driftwood


MVMT Watch

Brown Leather Mens Chukka Boots

Mens Stan Smith Trainers

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