December 7, 2017

Get The Look: Rustic Hazel Woven Texture

Shop The Look: Bronze Woven Necktie and Linen Pocket Square

Amp up your textures and tones this winter with a little style inspiration! This custom jacket features a check design that will transform any look. We found a ready to buy similar option. The classic and understated powder blue shirt adds to the distinction of this wintery combination. The rustic hazel textured necktie with woven dots brings the look of a true styling pro. The beauty of adding a linen pocket square is its versatility and sophistication. The rich texture of linen, wool, and silk will make for an unbeatable pairing just in time to impress those relatives around the holidays.

Gray Blazer
Powder Blue Dress Shirt
Linen Pocket Square
Hazel Woven Dot Tie

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November 30, 2017

Flannel Neckties for Winter

Don’t forget to add some flannel into your favorite winter wear. Our collection of Winter Flannel Neckties is the perfect addition to spruce up your office wear this season. The textured fabric with popular plaid designs in autumn and winter colors in a skinny width will pair well with modern fit suits and shirts in all colors! Get cozy and comfortable with these new accessories.

  • Flannel Neckties for Winter


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November 22, 2017

The Mens Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Popular Christmas Gifts For Men

Whether you “shop ‘til you drop” in person or online, it can be dangerous to start the holiday season shopping without compiling a list of ideas for your giftees. 2017 has seen a plethora of styles and trends come and go, but our list includes classic and time withstanding pieces that can be worn long after this season’s hottest items fade. Items like a shearling jacket, cashmere sweater, neckties, and versatile chinos will become staples in anyone’s wardrobe. If your family member or friend isn’t quite the clothes-for-Christmas kind of person, there are always other options! For the aesthetically gifted, a unique coffee table book such as this Portraits compilation from Off Camera with Sam Jones. For the athlete, a pair of economical, wool runners and a water bottle that – wait for it – stores your iPhone. Shop the items below.

Shearling Bomber Jacket
Fair Isle Sweater
Flannel Navy Chinos
Book of Celebrity Prints from Off Camera
Navy + Burgundy Wool Striped Tie
Tartan Plaid Tie
North Face Etip Gloves
Wool Runners
Water Bottle with Phone Storage
The Gentlemen’s Card Deck

November 16, 2017

Corduroy’s Back, Tell A Friend

Guess who’s back, back again? Corduroy! No longer does this textured fabric only make an appearance when grandpa wears his favorite pants from the 70s.  With its recent comeback, corduroy is making a big splash all across menswear, no matter the generation. Shirts, pants, blazers, and more. Corduroy has been a working man’s fabric that is becoming an every man’s. In order to get in the rustic fall and winter feel, we’ve matched our outdoorsmen wool tie featuring a stag motif in black and blue to a corduroy shirt from Uniqlo. Available in four different colors, corduroy isn’t just for the English countrymen anymore. Step up the class with this great combination!


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November 9, 2017

Holiday Inspired Mens Necktie Collection

Gingerbread Men Neckties Holiday Ties

With Halloween behind us it’s time to start preparing for everyone’s favorite time of the year. Pulling from colors, patterns, and iconic characters, we were inspired to create this one-of-a-kind holiday collection. From gingerbread men in the best of fall colors, to snowmen, candy canes, reindeer, and mistletoe in classic festive palettes in blue, red, and green. These popular designs will kick your office style up a notch at the annual Christmas party or for anyone in a jolly, holiday spirit. Click through to see all 22 items!

  • Gingerbread Men Necktie in Port Red
  • Golden Yellow Christmas Print Tie


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November 2, 2017

Color Matching: Find the Perfect Pocket Square

Accessories can make or break any outfit. With the ability to add or detract from a polished look, each choice should be carefully considered. An easy way to add distinction to a menswear look, throwing a pocket square into your workwear rotation can take your everyday look to the next level. Finding the right pocket square is not always easy when online shopping. As an online retailer, we understand how matching colors from a screen can be difficult. That’s why our stylist has once again picked six neckties from our warehouse and matched to varying pocket squares. If you have any tie pairing requests, let us know in the comments below!

Pro tip: your pocket square doesn’t need to match your tie 100%. Varying patterns or colors shows style maturity.


Autumn Wool Glen Check Tie
Solid Black Pocket Square

Mint Paradise Green Textured Tie
Bright Mint Solid Pocket Square

Tan + White Houndstooth Skinny Tie
Golden Tan Striped Pocket Square

Burgundy Paisley Tie
Solid Burgundy Pocket Square

Orange + Blue Trendy Striped Tie
White + Orange Linen Pocket Square

Herringbone Striped Navy + Gray Tie
Silver + Gray Patterned Pocket Square

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October 26, 2017

Get The Look: Double Breasted Herringbone + Lavender

Lavender Shirt + Herringbone Double Breasted Jacket with Blue Menswear Accessories

Your eyes are not deceiving you, we said lavender! This light color is primarily worn during spring time when life is bursting at the seams. By combining this color with a fall fabric and design, the herringbone double breasted blazer in wool transforms this spring color into a fall worthy component. The dynamic and classic addition of blue accessories brings this look to an iconic level. By choosing a double breasted jacket, you are choosing to take your style game up a notch. Even when your attire doesn’t always require an upgrade, rotating in a different outer layer can instantly change your look.


Herringbone Jacket
Lavender Shirt
Patterned Blue Pocket Square
Navy Dot Tie

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October 19, 2017

Featured Necktie Collection: Textured Wool Ties

The essential fabric for the fall and winter season is wool. A thicker and more textured material that will add some warmth and a new dimension to your look after a lighthearted spring and summer. While neckties won’t help with the warmth, switching out a shiny satin solid or stripe for a textured wool tie can help switch up your usual style routine. Available in six colors: Midnight Blue, Olive Green, Brown, Harvest Gold, Deep Red, and Thyme Green. With the solid color scheme, these menswear accessories are easy to mix and match with your favorite suits and jackets.


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October 12, 2017

Red Ties to Wear With a Plaid Sport Coat

Mens Red Floral Necktie  Mens Geometric Floral Necktie in Red  Mens Red Bulldog Print Necktie

Sometimes you find surprising patterns and designs that just work together! When you think of a navy and brown plaid sport coats, red neckties are most likely not the first accessory that comes to mind. That’s what we love about this outfit! In a surprising twist, this unassuming combination works and equates a scholarly ensemble. Shop some of our recommended red neckties above! To see our full collection of red ties, click HERE.


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October 5, 2017

Men’s Accessories To Wear With Check Suit

How to Wear A Wool Check Suit

Menswear enthusiasts will soon begin wearing textured and warmer fabrics to brace themselves for the upcoming weather changes. With this comes a new rotation of jackets, pants, and accessories. A must have for any man is a quality wool, check suit. This black and gray jacket and pant from H&M are an affordable option. While the suit has a pattern that doesn’t mean you can’t mix other designs into the outfit. We’ve chosen a bold paisley tie in wine red and purple with a solid blue shirt or a gray dress shirt and herringbone wineberry necktie. In both looks, the pop of color will catch your eye in the best way possible.



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