June 15, 2017

6 Neckties Paired to Pocket Squares

Being an online retailer, we understand the woes of online shopping. Trying to find the right color match can be difficult. While we do have many items that do have matching pocket squares, there are quite a few of our patterned neckties that do not. We’re here to make your life easier!

Our stylist went spelunking in the warehouse to find pocket square matches to six of our neckties. You can view the items together below along with the links to the items themselves.

Pairing Red Striped Necktie to Solid Red Pocket Square

Bright Red Striped Tie
Bright Red Pocket Square


Herringbone Blue Necktie Paired to Solid Navy Pocket Square

Herringbone Tie in Faded Denim Blue
Dark Navy Pocket Square


Amber Orange Geometric Tie Paired to Persimmon Pocket Square

Textured Silk Tie in Amberglow Orange
Persimmon-Orange Silk Pocket Square


Pairing Magenta Striped Necktie to Solid Pocket Square

Raspberry Pink Striped Tie
Dark Pink Pocket Square


Hunter Green Necktie Paired to Solid Green Pocket Square

Diamond Pattern in Hunter Green
Dark Green Pocket Square


Light Pink Texture Necktie Paired to Solid Blush Pocket Square

Light Pink Textured Silk Tie
Solid Blush Pocket Square



Have a suggestion regarding which items we should match? Let us know in the comments below!


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