March 12, 2013

Must Have Striped Ties for Any Man

Three Must-Have Striped Neckties Any Man Should Own

Without doubt, stripes are one of most popular design found on a men’s necktie – dating back more than a hundred years. The classic diagonal striped look is not just a popular choice among businessmen all over the world, but even commonly picked for street-style, weddings, and different kinds of casual settings. But, not all stripes are created equal. Slight differences in width, color, and texture allow for a very wide selection. We at Ties-Necktie took a look at some of the most popular striped designs, and feature three which are a must have for any man.

The Classic Repp-Striped Tie
The repp-stripe is the grandfather of all striped ties. It usually only features two or three different colors that are arranged with a very regular striped pattern that is typically 1/2 inch to 3/4 in width. The classic repp-striped tie (sometimes also called regimental, rugby-stripe, or collegiate stripe tie) is made from a matte, somewhat stiffer fabric, known as poplin or mogador (a blend of silk with either wool or linen), that is woven with a slight ribbed texture. The classic look of these repp-striped ties is best complimented with a traditional look such as blazers, oxford cloth dress shirts, button down collared shirts, tasseled loafers, etc. Here are some of our favorite looks for these elegant pieces:

Who said you can’t wear a striped tie with a striped shirt. Regimental striped neckties are perfect for narrow striped shirts as shown here.

Always a great combination: pairing a repp-striped tie with classic navy blazer and contrasting trousers.

Repp striped ties are perfect for vintage inspired jackets such as tweed pieces featuring herringbone or houndstooth check (as shown here).

Pencil Stripes
Looking for a very elegant striped tie? Then the pencil stripe is perfect. Most of these ties feature such a delicate striped pattern that the tie actually looks solid/pattern-less from the distance. Most pencil striped ties feature one primary color paired with a slightly lighter pencil stripe running across it. These elegant pieces look best with solid shirts or shirts featuring a very subtle herringbone, pique, or birdseye pattern. They should not be paired with narrow striped shirts or pin-striped suits as the similarity of these patterns can create a look that is a bit too busy. Here some great examples of wearing a pencil striped tie:

Contemporary Italian Stripe
These pieces are modern in design and often feature brighter colors and unique fabric textures. Typical are several different width stripes that are commonly arranged using different fabric weaves and textures. Above are three ties by designer Cavallieri that perfectly fit the look of the “contemporary Italian stripe”. Not sure exactly on how to wear these pieces, then here are some suggestions.

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  1. Colson

    Great post. I love the middle tie in the top row. I just ordered one. I am planning on pairing it with my brass button blazer and cream dress pants. I will send you a picture. Keep up the nice work!

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