April 8, 2009

Meaning of Colors

The Meaning & Psychology of Color

Every color has a meaning and creates emotional responses in us. In fashion, knowing how to match and wear color is one of the single most important things to consider. Colors can enhance your appearance, and at the same time influence our behavior and the behavior of people around us. Once you know what emotion each color produces you can use this to choose clothing that match the environment and the occasion.

In men’s business attire and formal dress code, color is mostly found on accessories. The larger the piece of clothing the more conservative of a color is needed. Suits are mostly gray, navy, olive and tan. The dress shirts show some more color but are still mostly white, blue, and gray, but come besides the plain solids in striped and checkered patterns. Most of the color is found on the smaller accessories such as your ties and pocket squares. This tutorial on the “Effects of Color” will help you find your perfect necktie.

The Effects of Colors

RED – The Color of dominance and power, attention, health, determination, passion, and energy. Many consider Red neckwear the ultimate “power tie”. For conservative business choose a slightly darker shade of red such as cherry, maroon, or burgundy – unless you want to stand out.

PINK – Pink is an upbeat and happy, friendly, and calming color. It is also a color of good health. For your tie, pink neckties have gained much popularity in recent years. It is an excellent color for the spring and summer that matches well with gray, navy, and tan suits.

ORANGE – Often times called “The Happy Color”. It also resembles success, courage, adventure, warmth, and enthusiasm. Frank Sinatra once said that “Orange is the happiest color”.

BROWN – The color brown is a stable color. It is reliable, earthy, and informal. Dark browns are especially well suited for the fall and winter, while lighter browns, such as tan and beige are great suit colors for the spring.

YELLOW – Yellow is a very playful color that often times is associated with anxiety, alertness, optimism, and confidence. For your necktie, choose lighter & warmer shades for the sunny days.

GREEN – The color of prosperity, prestige, vitality, and harmony. There is a reason why bank notes are green in many cultures throughout the world.

TURQUOISE – A refreshing and cool color. For neckties turquoise is less common in business. Weddings on the other hand often times use this color and turquoise ties are quite common.

BLUE -Blue is creates trust and peace. It is also associated with loving, high regard, knowledge, social status, good health, happiness, and integrity. Blue is one of the most popular color on neckties that matches well with almost any suit. Light blue is a great color for the spring and summer. It has the effect of peace, affection and sincerity.

PURPLE – Purple is a very spiritual and powerful color. In France purple is commonly worn at funerals. Purple is much less common on neckties. Some can wear this color quite well and it looks best with navy blue and light gray suits.

LAVENDER – A romantic and imaginative color. It is a popular color for wedding in the spring and summer.

GOLD – The color of prestige and luxury. It also stands for wisdom and illumination. For neckties gold is quite rare. The color necktie looks best on men with very dark complexion.

SILVER – Silver is a very elegant color that is prestigious but also much colder than gold. Silver + Gray neckties are one of the most formal colors that match well with most suits.

BLACK – A very elegant color. For business attire black is less common (besides on shoes and belt). For formal attire on the other hand black is the only choice on tuxedo and bow ties. Formal attire is also often times referred to as Black Tie Attire. Black can also have a depressing effect of people. The Blackfriars Bridge in London was repainted from black to green, and suicides declined more than 30%!

WHITE – The color or virtue and purity. In Germany judges are required to wear a solid white necktie – a symbol for their unbiased view and judgment.

Your Ties-Necktie Team