September 19, 2008

Matching dress shirts to your type

Matching Dress Shirts to Your Complexion

When choosing the right dress shirt to wear, a few things should be considered. Do you want to blend-in, or stand out in a crowd? What colors compliment you? What type of shirts matches your other pieces of clothing? What dress shirts are best suited for what season of the year? Below is some very helpful information to find the colors that will compliment you best.

Complexion, Hair, and Eye Color
Your complexion, hair, and eye color are the most important factors to consider when picking clothes’ colors. Unfortunately, most men don’t do this. Instead they choose colors based on what they have worn in the past, what is available, what other people wear, and what they see in men’s fashion.

When choosing the right color shirt, the most important factor is the hair color and your skin tone. Your eye color is slightly less important, but if your eye color sets a strong contrast to your hair and skin color, it will give room for a wider color range in dress shirts.
Depending how high your contrast is between skin tone and hair color determines what color dress shirts will suit you well. Find your contrast profile below to find the perfect matching dress shirts.

Hight Contrast Profile
A high contrast profile means that your hair color and skin complexion will have a high contrast. For example: black hair and fair skin tone, or blond hair and dark complexion. They key to matching shirt and suit for high contrast men is to copy this contrast in clothing. A charcoal gray suit with a white or light blue dress shirt is an excellent choice. Men with a high contrast profile are well suited for bright and strong neckties. Bright red, pink, lime green are excellent necktie colors in this case.

Low Contrast Profile:
Men that fall into this group have light hair color and a fair skin tone. In addition, it includes men with red hair, and men with little hair or bald men. When trying to match colors, the best combinations are clothes with a light contrast. A light gray suit and white or light blue dress shirt is excellent. If you prefer darker suits, pick a medium gray suit with a white dress shirt, or a charcoal gray suit with a light gray or medium blue dress shirt. The best colors for men with a low contrast profile are blues and earth tones. A navy blue suit with light brown/tan dress shirt would be an excellent combination. Be careful about what necktie you pick. A too powerful necktie will draw attention away from your face and towards your chest area. Try to avoid this.