October 26, 2017

Get The Look: Double Breasted Herringbone + Lavender

Lavender Shirt + Herringbone Double Breasted Jacket with Blue Menswear Accessories

Your eyes are not deceiving you, we said lavender! This light color is primarily worn during spring time when life is bursting at the seams. By combining this color with a fall fabric and design, the herringbone double breasted blazer in wool transforms this spring color into a fall worthy component. The dynamic and classic addition of blue accessories brings this look to an iconic level. By choosing a double breasted jacket, you are choosing to take your style game up a notch. Even when your attire doesn’t always require an upgrade, rotating in a different outer layer can instantly change your look.


Herringbone Jacket
Lavender Shirt
Patterned Blue Pocket Square
Navy Dot Tie

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