January 7, 2016

Favorite Winter Menswear Pieces for 2016

Favorite Menswear Pieces of 2016


Patterned Silk Scarf 

Pin Stripe Suit


Striped Dress Shirt 

Bow Tie 

Paisley Pocket Square 


Leather Boots

Marled Sweater 

Our Favorite Fashion Finds for Winter 2016

We’re always in pursuit of finding the very best in menswear. This season, we are obsessing over these 10 fashion finds. All of these pieces are great add on pieces for your wardrobe that have the stylistic prowess to mix and match with your other winter basics + favorites. The key to winter year after year, is layering with classics. For 2016, we are gravitating towards a palette of deep blues and class browns. And always, always remember to accessorize.

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One thought on “Favorite Winter Menswear Pieces for 2016

  1. carlos

    I going to my son weeding I get a dark browm dress I have dark blue and a light blue I will like your suggestions about,remember is special night for me and my son specially people eyes going to me and the parentes

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