July 14, 2016

Designer Ties in Sailboat Blue

Summer Ties in Soft Ocean Blues

Striped Linen Tie     |    Textured Tie   |    Plaid Tie in Tonal Blues

Striped Tie in Sailboat Blue    |   Regimental Summer Tie    | Textured Tie 

Pin Dot Tie  |  Textured Tie   |   Polka Tie Tie 

Designer Textured Tie    |  Vintage Patterned Tie   |    Woven Herringbone 


Street or sand, these 12 ties will have you sailing through summer in stellar style. These dapper hues of sailboat blues are guaranteed to recalibrate + refresh any look. There’s a knack to accessorizing for the season and it’s all about color. The best blue for summer is hands down, sails up sailboat blue. Pair any of these ties with your collection of classic white shirts and pastel button downs. They look ultra fashionable with navy blues, classic whites and flax linens.



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