January 18, 2018

Crazy for Paisley: Traditional Men’s Style

Paisley Ties for 2018

Light Blue  |  Wine Red  |  Blue + Navy
Purple + Black  |  Olive Green  |  Red and Black
Chartreuse + Pink  |  Coral Red + Gray  |  Mint + Silver

Reinforce your paisley game in 2018 with an upgrade to your necktie collection. From our expansive collection of men’s paisley ties, we’ve chosen nine of the best. Each featuring a different design, intensity, and color scheme. By selecting a paisley tie, an outfit will increase in depth and traditional impression. Trying to go for a more modern appeal? Choose one of the skinny widths with the large paisley pattern. With the versatility of colors and patterns, paisleys can be worn throughout the year with a variety of dress shirts. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns or add in a paisley pocket square.

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