November 29, 2012

Best Jobs In The Fashion Industry – PR Specialist

The Top Best Careers in Fashion – PR Specialist


Public relations is important in any industry, but perhaps no more so than in the world of fashion. Since the end goal of the industry is to get products into consumers’ hands, the importance of the PR specialist in fashion cannot be overlooked. PR specialists help to maintain a strong public image for their clients, whether they’re small boutique retailers or world-renowned designers. Being a PR specialist can make you a good sum of money, so long as you know what it takes. Without doubt, the PR specialist is a must mention on our Top 10 Fashion Job list

Day to Day Responsibilities

It can be easy to assume that a life in PR is about as glamorous as working in the professional sector gets. After all, fashion PR execs often find themselves at lavish parties, fashion shows and product launches, as part of their job is to be at these events in order to act as the face of the company. This being said, PR execs should expect to work harder than perhaps anyone else in the industry. The day to day involves planning events, working one-on-one with company heads to determine strategy and building/maintaining relationships with vendors and retailers. Needless to say, it’s not an easy job.

What it Takes

Since PR can be so exhausting, it takes – more than anything else – a strong passion for both the job and the fashion industry. It also takes education, as getting a degree in marketing or public relations from an accredited college or university is essential in order to land a job at a reputable firm like Duet PR or Samantha Slaven. Perhaps the most important thing to realize is that succeeding at this job requires one to give up a great deal of their time, as a typical 40 hour work week is not what you’ll be getting into as a PR specialist.

What the Future Holds With this Career

PR specialists have to work their way up the ranks like anyone else, but stand to make a small fortune over time if they play their cards right. Entry-level salaries are approximately $25,000-$35,000, with top level salaries breaking the 100K mark. Since PR is essential in all industries, taking on this role also allows you to be flexible with your career path.

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