November 29, 2012

Best Jobs In The Fashion Industry – A Model

Best Fashion Careers – A Model


For those who have a strong interest in fashion and have thought about working in the industry at one point or another, it’s not uncommon for the idea of becoming a model to pop up. Modeling, after all, can be very lucrative, and is perhaps the most ideal profession for those in search of fame. If you’re on the fence about becoming a model, take the following aspects of the job into consideration to learn more about what the job entails. Although a tough job, we consider it to be among the Best Jobs in the Fashion Industry.

Day to Day Responsibilities

It’s not easy to paint a clear picture of a model’s day to day responsibilities because they are often all over the map. Models may find themselves jet-setting from one location to another for photo shoots and meetings or working long hours in a fabric warehouse on a new catalogue shoot. When models aren’t posing for photo shoots or walking the runway at a fashion show, they typically spend their time learning as much as possible about designers and trends. After all, there’s more to modeling than a pretty face and models have to be savvy at marketing themselves.

What it Takes

Perhaps the one aspect of modeling that often goes overlooked is just how hard of a job it is. You’ve got to have an attitude that will keep you from getting offended when criticisms abound, which many people find exceptionally difficult. While there are educational programs for models offered at institutions throughout the world, your best bet is to simply accumulate a few high-quality headshots and start gaining industry experience. On occasion, this may mean interning or working for little pay. Determination and a strong, reliable work ethic, however, will often lead to success.

What Your Future Holds with This Career

The future for models can be difficult to pinpoint. After all, models are often prized for their physical appearance, which can change over time and affect one’s ability to get work in the industry. Models don’t typically make a great deal of money; $30,000 annually is about average. If you can get picked up by a well-known agency such as Models 1 or IMG, however, your chances of landing a well-paying gig will increase.

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