August 21, 2012

Best Dressed US Presidents – Fashion in the White House

Fashion in the White House: The Five Best Dressed Presidents of All Time

Just yesterday we wrote about the five worst dressed presidents, and after having handed out a fair share of fashion criticism, we thought it to be only fair to give some praise for once. As a follow up to yesterday’s series, we now took a look at the best dressed men at the white house. We spend house looking through images and TV footage. The things we paid most attention to were: clothing fit, use of accessories, choice of colors and patterns, as well as how each President tends to wear their ensembles. Below are the five best dressed Presidents of all time.

jfk-best-dressed-president#1: John F. Kennedy
Certainly it was JFK’s 1960s look, a look that has been making a comeback in men’s fashion today, that convinced us to put him in the running for the best dressed president of all time. But is was the way he wore his outfits that put him on the #1 spot of this list. His slim fit suits, skinny ties, neatly folded pocket squares, as well as the use of unique colors and patterns, put him above every other President in terms of fashion and style. To read more on JFK’s excellent fashion sense, please click here…

president-obama-fashion#2: President Obama
Simple and maybe even somewhat boring was our first reaction to Obama’s wardrobe choices. But a closer look made us truly appreciate his sense of style. While Obama tends to choose classic and elegant pieces, it is the way he wears his outfits that made him one of the best dressed presidents of all time. His ties are perfectly dimpled, the clothing colors chosen complement his color profile, and his suits are perfectly tailored in every way. Needless to say, Obama deserves the spot of the 2nd best dressed president of all time. Click here to read more.

FDR-fashion-best-dressed-president#3: FDR
Although the WWII era was not an exciting time for men’s fashion, it did not keep US President Franklin D. Roosevelt from dressing extremely well. Never were his ensembles boring. From Norfolk jackets to elegant suits, neckties as well as bow ties, and pocket squares as well as boutonnieres, FDR wardrobe choices always offered something exciting. All this convinced us to award FDR as the third best dressed President of all time. Click here to read more.

calvin-coolidge-fashion-best-dressed#4: Calvin Coolidge
When it came to double Breasted suits, few presidents were able to pull of this look as well as Calvin Coolidge. This along with his eye for unique and elegant hats earn him the spot of the 4th best dressed US President of all time. Click here to read the full story of Coolidge’s style.

harry-truman-fashion#5: Harry S. Truman
The simple fact that Truman owned a haberdashery before becoming the 33rd President of the United States, was reason enough to put him on our short list of the best dressed men in the oval office. Truman did an excellent job in wearing a wide range of suit styles (double breasted, slim cut, wide peak lapels, etc). He was also know for wearing boldly patterned ties that well complemented whatever suit style he chose to wear. In short, Truman is one of the best dressed US Presidents. Click here to read more on Truman’s style.

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