November 29, 2012

The Best Ten Jobs In The Fashion Industry – Careers in Mens Fashion

The Top 10 Best Careers in Fashion


The Fashion Industry is a phenomenal field to work in but can be tremendously daunting to break into. There are a number of jobs that many fashion focused individuals hadn’t even thought about. We’ve done some heavy research to bring you a ten part series on the The Top Ten Best Careers in Fashion to make the job search a little easier.

Boutique Owner – Working as a boutique owner is a phenomenal field of fashion that allows one to curate their own look, work with a broad range of clients and explore the options offered by an assortment of fashion lines and designers.

Designer – Become a fashion designer and be the mastermind behind the style, fit and aesthetic of an entire fashion line. Working as a fashion designer promises a life of creativity, hard work and possible fame.

Design Instructor – Design Instructors are an integral part of fashion, yet somehow this profession is often overlooked. Pick your area of expertise and work with students to teach them all they need to know about the fashion industry.

Fashion Consultant – Fashion Consultants are fashion experts that can optimize anyone’s appearance. Consultants work with a range of clients and are responsible for creating fantastic ensembles.

Illustrator – Work as a fashion illustrator and be responsible for the creation of new patterns for textiles, layouts for promotional material and web graphics.

Marketing Executive – Marketing Executives work with every team member to create a unified fashion campaign that captures the most attention possible from consumers and editors.

Merchandiser – As a merchandiser you’ll be the visionary who picks out the trends and advises the designers on what to design. They are the masterminds that combine the creativity and the profitability of the Fashion Industry.

Model – Become a fashion model and be the vision of a fashion brand on the runway, in the catalog and in the ad campaigns. Working as a model promises the potential of a very exciting career with plenty of travel.

Photographer – Be behind the scene as a Fashion Photographer and be responsible for capturing a fashion brand, identity and lifestyle.

PR Specialist – A PR Specialist is the face of the company and aims to create a favorable image of the company in the public eye. This covers a broad range of tasks from press releases to meeting and greeting potential clients, designers and editors.