August 21, 2012

Presidential Fashion – Calvin Coolidge: 4th Best Dressed President

Calvin Coolidge is the 4th Best Dressed President

best-dressed-calvin-coolidgeCalvin Coolidge is perhaps the most under-appreciated president of all time when it comes to fashion and style. Talk about the best-dressed presidents in history, and you’re almost always going to be hear about JFK, FDR and – now – President Obama. Still, it’s safe to say that well over half of the men to ever find themselves working in the Oval Office had a very good handle on the way they dressed. Calvin Coolidge is definitely one of these men, and will go down in history among the fashion-forward as being one of the best-dressed presidents to ever live. While his presidency may be long over with, Coolidge’s approach to fashion can easily become part of the modern man’s look, as there were many elements of his appearance (and Mens 1920s fashion in general) that are transferable to today’s trends. The following can help you to better understand how Coolidge dressed, and how to assimilate these elements into your own sense of style.

Elegant Suits
In order for a president to be taken seriously, his or her appearance has got to be the epitome of elegance. Coolidge knew exactly that, which is why the suits he chose to wear during his presidency were so utterly attractive and well-composed. Coolidge favored peak lapels, which were extremely wide and helped to frame his face in a way that slim lapels typically do not. He also went with extremely slim trousers that featured cuffs, which provided excellent contrast when paired up with his suit coats. Calvin Coolidge was also no stranger to the double-breasted jacket, and wore it with exactly the type of confidence it requires in order to pull off such a look. Speaking of confidence, the president had it in droves, which made it so that he could look good in just about any ensemble.

The Perfect Accessories
Accessorizing is something that many presidents simply don’t put enough stock into. The perfect accessories can take any ensemble to the next level, so why not shoot to incorporate them into your look? Coolidge knew exactly how to approach this, favoring some of the slickest boots and dress shoes to ever be seen in The White House. He also had a penchant for bucket hats and 10 gallons; something that helped to differentiate him from other presidents that had come before him. Bearing all of this in mind, it’s important to note that Coolidge never went overboard with his accessories; his appearance always stayed in balance, and never made it look as if he was trying too hard.

Takeaways for the Modern Man
Modern men can learn a lot from the way Calvin Coolidge dressed. While the wide lapels and double-breasted suits that he favored are no longer in fashion, they can still be worn every once in a while to break up the monotony that most people suffer from when it comes to choosing formal attire. In addition, one can take Coolidge’s penchant for accessorizing to heart, as the right boots/hats/belts etc can help to elevate just about any ensemble.

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