Bowties & loops

In earlier times one chose black silk drapery for the tuxedo, but today men have taken advantage of larger color selections. Much is possible here, because the black-and-white contrast of tuxedo and shirt allows many color combinations. Particularly for the festive occasion we recommend a silver-grayish tone. Strong colors though are reserved for men looking to make a bolder impression. In addition, there is also the choice of bow ties with dots, polka dots and stripes.

Bow ties are horizontal accessories in contrast to neckties, There is a wide selection of bow ties, and just like the necktie, it takes only a few steps to tie a bow tie. Most men, however, prefer the convenience of the already tied bow tie.

In everyday life the majority prefer a classic tie, while the bow tie is often reserved for a special occasion with the tuxedo, the Spencer jacket and t the tailcoat. Importantly however: a bow tie is never worn with a morning coat, but rather a tie or ascot.

One who decides to wear a Spencer jacket for the evening has still more freedom of choice color-wise concerning both combinations and designs, because this garment is available in a large variety of colors. With the tailcoat, however, one does not have a choice, and the white bow tie is a must. Often it is made out of cotton pique rather than white silk. A black bow tie with the tailcoat is only worn by waiters, so that one can always differentiate between them and the customers.

Following we have arranged a basic selection of important bow tie colors for you.

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