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Zylon is a synthetic fiber that is rarely used in the textile and clothing industry. To read more on Zylon, please click this link.

Zylon is a synthetic material that is rarely used in clothing manufacturing. Created in 1980s, zyon is polyurethane-based synthetic polymer that is used in applications requiring thermal stability and strength. The most recognizable usage (among most individuals) of zylon is in the construction of the netting of tennis racquets.

Because of the fibers unique temperature stability, strength and durability, zylon filaments are used in the construction of conductive textiles. The zylon filament is plated with a conductive metal and woven into a conductive textile. In the past zylon was used in the production of moderately priced bulletproof vests often worn by law enforcement officers. It was found however that over time the effectiveness of zylon constructed vests would decrease rapidly which has led to the phasing out of bulletproof vests made of this material.