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White Tie

White Tie is the most formal type of dress code. Traditionally it consist of a tailcoat tuxedo jacket, vest, and a white bow tie. To read more on White Tie attire please click the link.

White Tie refers to a formal type of dress code that originated during the Regency Period in Britain (1811-1820). Traditionally white tie attire consists of a black tailcoat jacket that has a double-breasted cut, but is never actually buttoned. This jacket is matched with formal black dress pants, a wing-tip collar dress shirt, a waistcoat, and a white bow tie - hence the name "White Tie". Women usually wear a long evening gown or ball dress.

Traditionally white tie attire is worn in the evening. It is a dress code that is usually associated with presidential affairs, operas and formal balls. The equivalent daytime attire uses a similar tailcoat jacket called morning coat which has a slightly different cut at the front. To morning coat is usually worn without a waistcoat, and instead of a bow tie, an Ascot tie is chosen.