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Tweed is a type of fabric weave that is traditionally made from wool - although other natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and even flax are occasionally chosen as well. To read more on tweed please click this link.

Tweed is a type of woven fabric made from wool. Tweed fabric can be particularly difficult to categorize simply because it is available in so many different forms. The most common weaving pattern in tweed fabric is a herringbone pattern, though less fancy twill weaves are also common. To further complicate matters silk tweed is also available in high end pieces of clothing.

Silk tweed looks remarkably like wool tweed as the silk threads are produced coarse to match the coarse texture of common tweed. Silk tweed is known to be somewhat lighter than woolen tweed so it is popular for warm weather clothing and more commonly used in women's clothing than in men’s.

A common hallmark of tweed is the multicolored threads that are used to create miniscule spots of color within the fabric. These threads are often of short length and randomly dispersed throughout the fiber mix thus ensuring an organic and understated appearance.

Tweed is most commonly used for creating casual dinner jackets and sports coats. The relatively loose weave used to create tweed fabric means that the resulting textile is comfortable to wear and flexible so it drapes well; two important factors for casual pieces of clothing.