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Turnbull Asser

Turnbull and Asser is a famous British clothier that is best known for their high bespoke dress shirt tailoring. To read more please click this link.

Turnbull & Asser is a well known British clothier that specializes in quality dress shirts and serving upscale clientele. Currently this privately owned company has three locations; its flagship store in London as well as one in New York City and another in Beverly Hills California.

The company was founded in 1885 by Reagan Turnbull and Ernest Asser, though the company name Turnbull & Asser was not used until 1895. From the start the company served in upscale clientele due both to the quality craftsmanship of their cloths as well as the close proximity of many gentlemen's clubs in the area.

An interesting deviation from typical production occurred during World War I when the company developed a rain coat that also served as a sleeping bag for members of the British military. The raincoat was a successful deviation and helped the company transition financially from the formal prewar years to the less formal postwar years.

After World War I the company chose to focus primarily on dress shirts to meet the needs of a populace that was dressing less formal. By focusing on a specified niche Turnbull & Asser has been able to transition into modern times and serve famous clientele such as Sir Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and Prince Charles.