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The turban is a head-wrap usually known for the middle east. TO read more on the turban please click this link.

The turban is a form of headdress that is created by wrapping cloth either around the head or around a supportive cap. It is common practice in the Middle East and Southeast Asia to wear a turban particularly among certain ethnic groups and religions.

In almost all cases the usage of turbans arose from the indigenous populations need to escape the scorching sunlight during the day. While some turbans merely act as protective gear against the sun others take a more proactive approach and are actually made out of cloth that has been soaked overnight in water and then wrapped around the head the next day. With the idea being that over the course of the day the water will gradually evaporate and cool the head.

There are many different types of turbans; with each region, religion and population having a unique style. The common differentiators in turbans is generally the cloth used, the length of cloth, the type of cloth as well as the wrapping and knotting technique used to construct the turban itself.