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Tie Pin

The tie pin is a decorative, jewelry like clothing item that was traditionally used to secure the necktie to the dress shirt. For more info and for pictures please click here.

A tie pin is a small decorative pin used to affix a tie to the wearers shirt in order to prevent it from becoming unwieldy in windy conditions or falling away from the wearer when bending over.

Another common name for a tie pin is a stick pin. It is commonly believed that stick pin is the original term for this device, with the name tie pin gaining popularity at a later date.

The stick pin first became popular in the early 19th century when it was used to attach any number of different expensive textiles to mens clothing. Whether it was a scarf, lace or cravats, there was a real need to keep expensive pieces of fabric safe from dirty environmental conditions.

As fashion trends tend to do, the stick pin quickly gained popularity among more than just the upper class; in fact by the early 1900s stick pins had not only crossed over to the middle class but women as well. At this time the market for stick pins began to flourish as an increasing amount of variety was needed to keep pace with the rapid consumption of the time.

Todays stick pins can be found in the same amount of rich variety that they could in the past. Everything from simple silver pins to ornate golden pins with precious gemstone inserts can be found in the form of tie pins. While tie pins are still available there are much less popular today than they once used to. The downside of using tie pins is that they can damage the delicate silk fabric on neckties. Tie bars and tie chains on the other hand do not damage the fabric and also secure the tie to the dress shirt.