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Tie Chain

A tie chain is used to keep a necktie from dangling too much. It secures the necktie to the dress shirt. For more information please click this link.

A tie chain is a form of tie controlling device that serves the same purpose as a tie pin or a tie clip. The difference, of course, is that a tie chain uses a chain rather than a tie pin or a tie bar to secure the tie.

The construction of a tie chain very much resembles that of a yolk that has a chain connected at both ends. Gold and silver are the most commonly used metals in the construction of tie chains however other metals can be used as well. As a rule it is safe to assume that the more expensive the tie chain the more expensive its components. The tie chain works by hanging the yolk over one of the shirt buttons and then inserting the tie in front of the yolk but behind the chain through the loop that is created.

A tie chain allows the tie to move more freely than a pin or a clip thus presenting a more fluid look that many people find appealing. Additionally as tie chains are less commonly used than clips or pins they are a way of tactfully expressing a sense of fashion individualism.

Tie chains are also popular because they do not physically damage the fabric used in the construction of a tie. Whereas a tie pin physically punctures a hole through the tie and a tie clip forcefully compresses the material; a tie chain allows the tie to rest against the body without using discrete force to keep it there.