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Thinsulate is the trademarked name for an insulating man-made fabric developed by the 3M Corporation. To read more on this fabric and its uses please click this link.

Thinsulate is a material developed and trademarked by the 3M Corporation in 1978. The material is a mesh of small fibers each about 15 µm thick and acts as insulation for articles of clothing.

The material was developed as an alternative to traditional polyester fiber insulation, and down feathers that are most typically used to insulate clothing. The advantage of Thinsulate over both of these alternatives is that Thinsulate offers comparable or superior insulation with thinner and lighter pieces of material. Thinsulate creates an insulating effect by trapping pockets of air between the microfibers which allows heat to stay closer to the skin while at the same time allows moisture to evaporate; thus avoiding the sweaty feeling that insulated articles of clothing can produce.

Most commonly Thinsulate is found in leather and vinyl gloves where its thin characteristics are highly valued. By using Thinsulate manufacturers are able to create fashionable driving style gloves that have the same insulating properties as bulkier polyester glove alternatives.